Putting the final touches to road and rail links

Investments under this project will see the construction of 5 km of road and 11 km of railway, serving to complete previous transport infrastructure work undertaken in the region.

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Once the work is completed, it is estimated that travelling times will reduce significantly, speeds increase and fewer accidents result, with the local economy also receiving a boost through jobs and better connections with surrounding regions.

Piecing together the transport jigsaw

In a bid to enhance the local transport network, the project is targeting efforts at constructing a section of road and railway on the Mandra-Psathades stretch of the 124 km Ardanio-Ormenio vertical axis on Egnatia Road. The railway component of the project is part of the TEN-T IX corridor and will connect with the TEN-T IV corridor and the port of Burgas. The implementation, supervision and maintenance of the work will be handled by S.A. Egnatia Road.

This project is part of a much larger project which involves improving the Ardanio-Soufli-Mandra stretch and building the Didymoteiho-Orestiada section, Orestiada-Kastanies section and Kastanies-Ormenio-Frontières Greco-Bulgares section.

This project will complete the vertical axis by finalising the Mandra-Psathades stretch, in parallel completing the rail section that runs alongside the same section. This involves constructing a 5-km road section of the total 9 km, completing the construction of the 11-km rail section, and undertaking related works.

Faster and safer travel down the line

Once completed, it is estimated that travelling times will be reduced by 7 minutes, speed will increase by 30 km/h, and the risk of accidents will decrease markedly. In a broader context, the completion of the axis will boost business activity in the region and promote contacts and relations with Bulgaria.

During the construction phase of the project, a total of 3 664 direct jobs will be created, with a further 52 jobs created during the operational phase.

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