Opening up to opportunities for Greek citizens and business

This major project will involve road development works including the construction of a 37.5 km stretch of motorway, 7.7 km of detours, ten interchanges, and secondary roads.

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The impact on local populations and business includes faster road transport, better connections with neighbouring countries and more favourable conditions for the industrial and commercial development of border areas and rural areas adjacent to Evros River.

Another link in the transport chain

The project will transform the existing road into a 37.5 km motorway with the construction of detours at Provatonas and Kornofolias (with a total length of 7.7 km), ten interchanges (by removing the existing ones) and secondary roads, as well as the upgrading of local road networks.

The 37.5 km Ardanio-Mandra stretch of motorway forms part of the 124 km Ardanio-Ormenio vertical axis on Egnatia Road. The vertical axis is part of the Trans-European corridor IX, linking Egnatia Road, Ardanio with Ormenio on the Greek-Bulgarian border. The 124 km section has been undergoing major construction in recent years, and this project represents a vital contribution to the overall network.

Driving competitiveness and growth in the region

Residents in the Evros region will be the main beneficiaries of the project, alongside others across the entire region, notably those involved in production activities. The result will be safer and more affordable transport, which represents a decisive factor in accessibility in the region.

The development and modernisation of the transport infrastructure is expected to lead to favourable conditons for the competitiveness of local production. Those involved in trade, tourism and culture in particular will see rewards from this project. The cross-border nature of the project means that doors will open to prospects for developing links with countries from the Eastern Balkans and the European Union, notably with better access to markets in Bulgaria and Turkey for local production. In terms of employment for locals, a total of 3 716 direct jobs (of average duration 12 months) will be created through the project.

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