New road brings economic benefits to central Greece

The construction of sections of the National Road between Larissa and Trikala in central Greece will make life easier for the region’s motorists and provide the economy with a much needed boost.

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More than 400 000 people living in the area will benefit from better road links brought in through the scheme, which also improves connections between the sea ports of Egoumenitsa to the east and Volos in the west.

Construction works

The scheme is multi-faceted in nature and included the widening and upgrade of a 16 km stretch of the existing road, along with asphalting of a number of adjoining rural roads. Works here include the construction of three interchanges, plus lighting, at Georganades, Petroporos and Taksiarches. Engineering works for drainage and the construction of various bridges will also take place.

In addition, a further sub-section of the overall scheme calls for the building of a bypass at Farkadona, which lies about half way between Larissa and Trikala. Two more interchanges will be also built in the area – one to serve as entry to the villages of Amygdalea, Rachoula and Mandra and one for Zarkos village.

These will be furnished with lights, signalling and paved side-roads. Road safety initiatives for this section include the installation of side-safety rails, a bilateral metallic barrier running along the axis of the road, and fencing.

Making a difference

This project received the green light through the EU’s Operational Programme for the Greek regions of Thessaly, Continental Greece, and Epirus. Under the programme, the European Union will finance more than EUR 1.1 billion from the European Regional Development Fund to address various challenges including poor regional competitiveness and a pressing need to upgrade infrastructures.

A key goal for the 2007 to 2013 programming period is to tackle the disparities between easily accessible areas in the east and the more inaccessible areas to the west by completing, upgrading and expanding regional road, port and airport infrastructures.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Construction of sections of the National Road Larissa-Trikala” is EUR 49 312 648, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 41 915 751 from the Operational Programme “Thessaly – Continental Greece - Epirus” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period. Work falls under the priority “Accessibility infrastructure and services”.

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