New port facilities to increase shipping capacity in Western Greece

The construction of a fifth dock along with associated infrastructure will significantly increase shipping capacity at the Greek port of Patras in Western Greece. This will contribute to the economic revival of a region in Europe that has been characterised by high unemployment. 


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The new facility has been designed to serve transnational maritime routes, in particular to and from major ports in Italy such as Brindisi Bari, Ancona, Trieste and Venetia. A total of 3 720 maritime routes have been created, up from 2 976 in 2013. 

The local population within the Municipality of Patra, which currently stands at over 210 000, will directly benefit from increased traffic and business, along with the creation of new ports as capacity increases. 

New port facilities

The newly refurbished port is located just south of the central urban district of the city and is very close to the old northern port. Existing facilities at the new port - sections one and two - have been operational since 2011 and work on the "New Port of Patras work-3a Section, Phase A" project was carried out in close synergy with this first development phase.

The project has successfully added a fifth dock for use by passenger ferries and roll on/roll off vessels, designed to carry wheeled cargo. The new dock is approximately 219.05 m long and 10.50 m deep. 

Associated infrastructure has also been built, including a new road network within the controlled land area of the port. This part of the project involved the construction of a two-lane road (approximately 284 m long and 3.50 m wide) and a parking area (for 50 passenger vehicles). Road access works also involved the construction of boarding and waiting areas with a total surface of 5 600 m² for passenger cars (corresponding to 448 places) and 3 030 m² (corresponding to 34 places) for trucks.

Additional infrastructure

A new drainage network, water supply and sewage networks were all built, along with a 14 metre-high control tower and commercial buildings to service users of the new port. These commercial buildings feature shops and markets. Furthermore, two identical passenger terminals located north and south of the existing central passenger terminal have been constructed, with a total surface are of 4 369 m²each. All newly constructed buildings serve not only users of the new fifth dock, but all users of the new port.

Following the project’s completion, the project has been put under Greek public management via the Hellenic Republic Asset Management Fund "TAIPED", which will run the Patras ports. 

Total investment and EU funding 

Total investment for the project “New Patras port-3rd part, A' Phase” is EUR 52 849 558, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 44 922 124 through the “Western Greece – Peloponnesus Ionian Islands” Operational Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period. 


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