Motorway renovation to enhance economic dynamism

Major road modernisation of the PATHE motorway in continental Greece leads to safer and faster travelling and boosts the local economy.

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This initiative is part of a larger scheme which was initiated in the 2000 to 2006 programming period, aiming to construct or modernise 57.9 km of motorway. Located on the Patras – Athens – Thessaloniki axis, this motorway is part of the Trans-European Transport network (TEN-T).

This specific project involves the modernisation of two sections of the motorway and its connection to the Central Greece motorway. The first segment is composed of 4.06 km of motorway between the Spercheios new riverbed and A/K Roditsas. Upgrades include the completion of: the road itself; the A/K Roditsas junction to Lamia; works to prevent flooding of the motorway; and the connetion with the Lamia – Itea – Antirio axis.

The second segment involves the 19.2 km of road between A/K Agia Marina Stylidas and A/K Rachon, which include upgrading of the road itself, including the full construction of 2 km of motorway, and the completion of three tunnels equalling a total of 3.3 km.

A multi-beneficiary project

Modernisation of this road is expected to boost the development of the city of Lamia and significantly reduce the accident rate. Furthermore, users will spend less time on the road, 9 minutes on the first segment as compared to 12 today, and 16 on the second segment as opposed to 21 currently. The renovation was finalised in 2014, creating 312 jobs upon completion.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Completion of the construction of the section 'Skarfeia – Lamia Raches' of PATHE, subsections 'Spercheios' new riverbed – A/K Roditsas' and 'A/K Ag. Marinas Stylidas – A/K Rachon'” is EUR 193 695 035, of which the EU’s Cohesion Fund is contributing EUR 99 354 895 from the Operational Programme “Improvement of Accessibility” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period. Work falls under the priority axis “Road transport infrastructures.”

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