Lake Karla welcomes new life

Faced with a drying lake, this project aims to bring Lake Karla back to life by restoring the ecological balance in the area, at the same time providing better drinking resources for residents and a boost for local tourism.

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Sourcing water from a nearby river, hydrology works, building a museum and holding information days feature among the diverse tasks to be undertaken in the project.

The rising tide of environmental protection

The project looks to develop a large wetland area by constructing reservoirs and water collection systems and carrying out excavation work, with 22.79 km of levies to be worked on. Other aspects of the project include cleaning leachate, bringing water into Lake Karla via the Pinios River, at a maximum rate of 14 m3/sec, undertaking works to protect the area against floods, notably on the plains, and carrying out mountain hydrology work with the aim of reducing debris over a surface area of 445 km2.

Water culture

Infrastructure and eco-tourism works carried out under the project will include building a natural history museum  and information centre to showcase the region’s natural and cultural past, with 5 000 visitors expected per year. The project will also complete a study previously started in the 2000-06 period on managing the local water and soil ecosystem, together with studies into local archaeology in relation to the project works. In a bid to raise awareness about this natural wonderland, information days, conventions, exhibitions and marketing campaigns will also be organised.

Once completed, a total of 3 800 ha will have been improved, 110 ha of cultural heritage developed and 190 jobs created during the development phase, another 20 during the operational phase. The key outcomes will be the sustainable development of the water body, a reduction of 17.8 million m3 per year of underground water extracted, and lower levels of pollution, with 90% less flow from Karla tunnel into the Gulf of Pagasitikos. The level of drinking water supplied by the Volos Urban Group will also increase and eventually serve 88 000 homes.

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