Double rail tracks for rapid travel

The focus of this project is on completing works on the new 106-km double high-speed railway line in the mountainous region of Tithorea – Domokos.

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For residents and others travelling in the region, this will mean major reductions in time spent travelling, with train speeds increasing from the current 80 km/h to 160 km/h, offering an attractive and viable transport alternative.

Cutting down travel times

This rail project involves continuing on from the previous works undertaken and transforming the single rail line Tithorea – Lianokladi – Domokos into a double line stretching 106 km.  This section forms part of axis 22 (TEN-T) and is part of the railway axis Athina – Thessaloniki. The works will be carried out by ERGA OSE A.E under public management, with 1 010 jobs directly created during the construction phase.

For people travelling by rail through Athens towards Thessaloniki in Northern Greece, and vice versa, the project will bring the benefit of faster and safer travel. Speeds of up to 200 km/h will be possible along the Tithorea – Lianokladi section, and 160 km/h along the Tithorea – Domokos section. Once completed, the entire Thessaloniki – Athens line will be double, significantly reducing travel times to 3.50 hours. Completion of the specific section targeted by this project will lead to a 50-minute reduction in travelling time.

Laying the foundations for an efficient network

The project includes completing the Tithorea – Lianokladi infrastructure and plant works, and finalising tunnel constructions, including installing electro-mechanical equipment for the Kallidromos tunnel. It also covers Lianokladi – Domokos infrastructure, electromechanical and plant works, the superstructure across the full length of the project, the construction of track works and laying the railway line at three stations.  Two new stations and another two stops will be built, together with renovations at the three stations, Tithorea, Lianokladi and Domokos. The local road network affected by the project works as well as the side roads parallel to the new line will be restored to high standards.

Electrification, signalling, telecommunications, an ETCS level 1 system for train protection and GSM-R wireless communication will also be set up, adding to the safety and efficiency of the network for commuters and employees.

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