Closing the broadband gap in Greece

Rolling out broadband services in rural Greece aims to help close the “broadband gap” between remote and disadvantaged areas of Greece and the rest of the country where such services are already available.

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The main objective of this initiative is to significantly improve broadband network infrastructure in the so-called Greek "white areas". These are the rural and remote parts of Greece, which are currently without internet services and which even lack plans for coverage in the near future.

The project seeks to build a 5000 km-long powerful network of fibre optical cable, allowing open access to all telecommunications operators offering broadband services to consumers.

The work involves: laying 74 rural internet exchange points, installing 1 208 transmission towers and poles, and building a network operations centre. Once completed, the expanded network intends to deliver broadband at ultra-high speeds and supporting future infrastructure upgrades.

Connecting citizens and companies alike

The arrival of broadband in the "white areas" will contribute to the EU’s digital agenda objective to ensure that the entire EU is covered by broadband above 30 Mbps by 2020.

It is estimated that, over the course of the project, the provision of reliable and affordable connectivity services will allow an extra 587 879 people, or 95 % of the population living in "white areas", to benefit from broadband access. This is the equivalent of almost 6 % of the total population of Greece. It is not just citizens who will benefit, but also enterprises and public authorities in the areas covered.

The infrastructure will be implemented through a public-private partnership. During the implementation of the project it is expected that over 440 new jobs will be created, and over 230 created once the project is operational.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the "Broadband Network Development in White Rural Areas of Greece" project is EUR 161 077 032. The EU´s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 97 262 914 from Operational Programmes "Digital Convergence" (under priority axis "Improvement of productivity through ICT") and "Macedonia -Thrace" (under the priority axis "Digital Convergence and Entrepreneurship in the Region of West Macedonia") for the 2007-2013 programming period.

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