Road upgrade will reduce congestion, speed-up journey times and improve safety

The B169 road forms an important connection between the A13 and A14 federal motorways in Germany. Unfortunately, in many towns along the route, long-distance traffic is obstructed and slow-moving, which causes major congestion and safety worries. A four-phase project will extend the road to alleviate such problems and make life easier for motorists and local residents alike.

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In addition to making the local road network more efficient, the entire scheme promises to provide infrastructure that will boost economic development in Riesa and the districts of Meissen and Mittelsachsen. The work will significantly reduce traffic volumes in Riesa city centre, as well as in Pausitz, Oelsitz and in the municipality of Stauchitz. Consequently this should reduce dangers caused by existing accident black-spots. Other beneficiaries include the many inbound and outbound commuters who use the local road network linking Riesa to Dresden, Meissen, Döbeln and Leipzig. This is because the scheme will reduce journey times by increasing speeds and shortening certain routes.

Phased working

Construction for the entire project has been divided into four key phases:

  • Phase one provided for the building of a new bridge over the Elbe to Rostocker Strasse in Riesa.
  • Phase two covers Rostocker Strasse to the intersection with the B6 to the north of Seerhausen.
  • Phase three moves construction on from the B6 intersection to Salbitz.
  • Phase four sees work carried out from Salbitz to the Döbeln-Nord junction of the A14 federal motorway.

It should be noted that phases two, three and four are yet to be completed – they are also technically and financially independent from each other and should be regarded as component parts of the whole project.

The work schedule and funding listed below are for phase two of the overall project.

Work in phase two includes the construction of a 5 km section of road that will link to the new bridge over the Elbe, which is already open to traffic. In addition to the construction of the new B169/B6 junction, five bridges will be built through this phase of work, and the Rostocker Strasse junction will be re-built. The effectiveness of phase two should be guaranteed because it links up with the local secondary road network.

Total and EU funding

The project “Relocation of the national road B169 from Riesa to the highway A14, second section” has a total eligible budget of EUR 20 000 000, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 13 000 000 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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