New motorway opens way to improved driving conditions

Efforts in this project are focused on constructing a new four-lane motorway, 14.31 kilometres in length, stretching from the Schwerin North exit to the Jesendorf exit on the A14 motorway.

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In terms of benefits for residents and also businesses engaged in transporting goods, there will be greater road safety, reduced travel times, less ecological harm and improved accessibility.

Improved links on the A14

The project section between the Schwerin North exit and Jesendorf exit is an integral part of the overall project for the A14 motorway (Magdeburg – Wismar). The A14 serves as a long distance road connection as well as a regional relief road for the areas of Schwerin and Wismar, and also connects the A2 to the A20.

The new section will stretch 14.31 kilometres and have a width of 29.5 metres. A total of 13 engineering structures covering 1 133.50 metres will also feature in the project works. In terms of employment, 328 jobs will be created during the construction phase, another 417 once the new motorway stretch has been completed.

Accessibility, speed and safety

Once the works are finalised, accessibility between the key main centres of Wismar and Schwerin will be substantially improved. The new construction will also reduce transport costs and notably cut down travel time. Furthermore, by shifting the flow of traffic from these areas to the four-lane motorway, positive ecological impacts are forecast, alongside much improved road safety. The primary beneficiaries will be the residents living around the project area, namely those from Wismar and Schwerin, who will directly gain from the A14 construction works. People from other regions travelling to this area will also soon find travel much easier, with faster journey times and better quality roads.

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