Makeover for a key German road connection

Construction and reconstruction will bring benefits to the lives of workers and commuters travelling along an important route in Germany.

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The B6n Federal Highway from Bernburg to Köthen project will see the construction of over 20 km of new road, together with almost four kilometres of reconstruction along the same route. Improvements to the three and four line highway between the towns of Bernburg and Köthen will make it possible for more people to easily work in the region.

Clearing the road

Sachsen-Anhalt is a landlocked state in the north-east of Germany. It is surrounded by Lower Saxony, Brandenburg, Saxony, and Thuringia.

In recent years, Sachsen-Anhalt has seen rising levels of business travel, struggling with delays on congested and ageing roads. The section of the B6n highway, funded by this project, is part of one of the most important connection routes in this important area.

The 24.6 km road section built here, from the Bernburg bypass to the Köthen bypass, is part of a bigger project known as the ‘eastern extension of the B6n’. Crucially, the diversion from Bernburg to Köthen will get rid of bottlenecks on small urban streets. It will divert traffic onto an out-of town route and make a wider road available to travellers.

20.8 km of the road will be brand new, with an additional 3.8 km reconstructed from existing routes.

2.7 km will take the form of a four lane road, with the other 21.9 km as three lanes. There will be one junction along the route.

Getting somewhere fast

The improved road infrastructure will mean more road space for more cars, which will be able to travel at greater speed. In addition, shorter journey times will mean lower transport costs, thanks to a more efficient use of fuel. This in turn will bring down pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from road transport.

45 jobs are expected to be created during the project’s implementation, with an additional 37 longer term positions on offer after completion.

Last but not least, the new and improved highway will bring much needed improvements to road safety, which has suffered from the congestion and difficult junctions.

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