Bypass scheme will reduce bottlenecks

The construction of a four-lane bypass road between Gornau and Chemnitz will help to tackle traffic jams and cut journey times on one of Germany’s most important national routes.

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Work to build the new 4.7 km stretch of highway is part of a wider project to construct a series of bypass roads on the B107/B174 near the German border with the Czech Republic. The Gornau-Chemnitz phase includes plans to relocate the Zschopau/Gornau bypass, beginning at the Chemnitz city boundary and on to the planned Gornauer Strasse junction. The scheme will integrate with the existing traffic network, notably the B 174 at Gornauer Strasse and Altenhainer Dorfstrasse.

Regional and local benefits

The relocation of the B174 between Gornau and Chemnitz promises to reduce bottlenecks on a key trans-regional link in the border region of Central Erzgebirge between Chemnitz and Chomutov, the district capital. By providing trans-regional traffic with a route of its own, the scheme will improve traffic flow and road safety.

The bypass will improve accessibility, especially for commuters travelling between Chemnitz and Erzgebirge district. People travelling to Saxony from the Czech Republic will also benefit from the project, which takes account of the increasing amounts of cross-border traffic in the area. In general, the project will lead to reduced transport costs because it will help to reduce both travel times and journey lengths for many road users.

During implementation, the Gornau-Chemnitz project is expected to create 27 jobs, and a further 15 during exploitation.

The overall project, “New construction (bypasses) B107/B174” is sub-divided into the following phases:

  • B 107: A 4 – Ebersdorf
  • B 107: Ebersdorf – Southern network
  • B 174: Gornau – Chemnitz (subject of this factsheet)
  • B 174: Zschopau/Gornau (completed)
  • B 174: Grossolbersdorf/Hohndorf
  • B 174: Marienberg (completed)
  • B 174: Hirtstein/Reitzenhain

Total and EU funding

The project “New construction B 107/B 174 (bypasses), relocation Gornau – Chemnitz” has a total eligible budget of EUR 26 461 539, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 17 200 000 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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