Transvilles: An ambitious public transportation programme in Valenciennes

The “Transvilles” project is an extensive urban transport plan across the metropolitan Valenciennes area. Launched in 2005, it consists in setting up a transport network in the Valenciennes area in order to enhance quality and quantity of public transport options in the region. The construction of a second tram line today affirms the success of this initiative.

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The network currently features 638 km of lines and 864 stops. Over 20 million trips are taken every year and over 80 million kilometres are travelled by 167 vehicles. The “Transvilles” project has been progressing since its launch and is starting phase 3 of construction of the tramway (line 2) which will connect Valenciennes to Pays-de-Condé, over a 15.5 km route. The first phase of the project was to build a tramway between the University and Dutemple, which began operating in July of 2006. The second phase of this plan involved the construction of a section between Dutemple and Denain, extending the first phase of the project.

Towards Pays-de-Condé

Pays-de-Condé is one of the three secondary hubs in the district of Valenciennes. The population of the six communes along the new tram line comes to 58 000, and the area has 11 000 jobs. A variety of facilities – academic, administrative, healthcare, sports and commercial – are also located in the vicinity of the new route. This is connected to the first line, connecting the University to the Denain hub.

The new line is single track, with a junction in the station, and is mostly separated from other roadways. The main part of the works consists in laying the 15.5 km of track and nine new trams which will join the 21 already in service.

Promising outlook

The completion of this tram line will boost traffic on the “Transvilles” network by 56 %, from 1.8 million commuters in 2011 to 2.91 million in 2015. It will service the towns of Valenciennes, Anzin, Bruay-sur-Escaut, Escautpont, Fresnes-sur-Escaut, Condé-sur-l’Escaut and Vieux-Condé.

In terms of employment, 389 jobs will be created during the works phase and 39 during the operation phase.

Total cost and EU funding

The “Execution of the third phase the Valenciennes metropolitan tramway” project has a total budget of EUR 182 569 601. The contribution from the European Regional Development Fund comes to EUR 2 500 000 under the objective of “Regional competitiveness and employment” in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region for the 2007-2013 planning period, under the “Accessibility” priority.

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