Gironde firmly on the digital map

This project involves setting up a digital communications network for residents in dead spots in Gironde, as well as companies in business parks and local public authorities.

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It will bring 2 Mb/s, high-speed internet coverage to 100% of dead spots in 515 communes, and provide superfast cabling and internet access to 60 local business parks, in doing so ensuring digital e-inclusion for all.

Modern technology within reach of all

The new high-speed digital network will be made available to operators under transparent, objective and non-discriminatory conditions via an operator of operators. This private partner (operator of operators) has been selected to supply wholesale services to both operators and users of independent networks with a view to guaranteeing high-speed access opportunities to citizens and superfast access to companies operating out of business parks, as well as all those using public authority services, such as colleges and social services. The key features of the new service are equal access, continuity and adaptability (e.g. guaranteed availability) and equal treatment of users.

Stimulating business growth

The project is focused on removing dead spots through improved local coverage, in doing so enhancing the image of the area as an efficient, productive business hub, and attracting new businesses to set up there and offer more diverse products and services. For businesses already established, the project’s results should raise their competitiveness and help them tap into new markets given their superfast digital access to international markets. The job market also stands to gain through new forms of working and providing services, such as remote working and videoconferences. These practices offer a greater degree of flexibility for companies and employees, notably for those with children or living far from office locations, and reduce the need to travel, in turn minimising detrimental impacts on the environment caused by pollution.

The partnership contract for the service also includes aspects that serve to boost business growth. Apart from the creation of 3 jobs necessary for setting up the project company responsible for creating, operating, maintaining and assisting with commercialisation, the involvement of subcontractors should see about 149 people involved locally, with 52 direct jobs created according to forecasts.

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