Centre of excellence in new materials and nanotechnologies to be launched

In 2009, the main materials science and engineering laboratories in Lorraine set up the Jean Lamour Institute (JLI). Currently spread across five campuses, their 450 researchers will soon be brought together in a new building housing innovative facilities.

Additional tools


In the Nancy centre, the main research laboratories in Lorraine working on materials and nanotechnologies will come together in a 16 500 m2 space that will house up to 450 professionals and 180 students. These premises will offer technical facilities for research as well as areas for technology transfer and relations between the public and private sectors. The JLI hosts the Centre of Competence for Development, Innovation and Transfer, working to bring together researchers within industry and those working in the public sector.

A dual aim

The JLI is approaching this development from two perspectives. The project caters for aims specific to basic research (increasing its potential and its visibility, training, technology transfer) but also more general aims, in terms of regional development. The JLI brings together scientific achievement and innovation. While setting out to become one of the most important chemistry laboratories in the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the institute also aims to promote links between basic research and applied research, the public and the private sectors and laboratories and business.

The ‘Tube’ and other facilities

The building’s design was based on its activities and also the facilities it will house, particularly its flagship tool, baptised the ‘Tube’. At 30 metres in length, this impressive installation will offer the only conditions in Europe where physical and chemical analyses can be carried out under ultra-high vacuum (UHV).

Other facilities, focusing on nanoscience and nanotechnologies, will relate to several techniques (x-ray diffraction, electron microscopies and electron probes, calorimetry, etc.) while clean rooms will be used for micro- and nano-devices.

The project is expected to create 185 full-time jobs once operational. It is also expected to lead to the creation of six start-ups.

Total and EU funding

Total investment in the project “Construction of the new building for the Jean Lamour research institute in Nancy” is EUR 96 509 518. The contribution from the European Regional Development Fund is EUR 28 188 564, through the Regional Competitiveness and Employment Operational Programme in the Lorraine region for the 2007-2013 programming period, under the priority “Developing innovation, research, competitiveness and information and communication technologies”.

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