Added spark for rail journeys between Bourges and Saincaize

This rail project involves the electrification of 57.7 kilometres of double rail line between Bourges and Saincaize, lying on the Nantes-Lyon line, as well as works on tunnels and bridges required to adapt them to the new electrification.

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For the local region, the works undertaken will call for the creation of new jobs, both short-term and long-term, while commuters using the line can look forward to the prospect of faster and safer journeys in future.

Linking up with national network

The 60 kilometres of double track stretching from Bourges to Saincaize is part of the Nantes-Lyon rail axis; this project represents the continuation of construction works undertaken during the previous programming period along the same axis. The local economy will get an added boost through the creation of direct jobs for the project, some 200 people hired initially for the electrification and construction works, a further 10 over the long term once the line is running. Apart from the strictly electrical work, a rail flyover and a bridge will be raised, while another seven bridges will be newly built.

On track to smooth travel

The project involves electrifying 57.7 kilometres of double rail line currently not fitted with catenaries between Bourges and Saincaize stations. It includes the installation of catenaries together with their equipment for providing electrical supply from the high-tension network as well as related works for engineering structures and signalling and telecommunications installations. The electrification will be an alternating current system of 50 Hz, with a ‘2 x 25 kV’ variant. Once the Bourges-Saincaize stretch is electrified, the Nantes-Lyon axis will offer electrification running 550 km between Saint-Nazaire and Saint-Germain-des-Fossés, with an antenna towards the south as far as Clermont-Ferrand.

The telecommunications will be adapted allowing for remote control of devices for interrupting currents (circuit breakers, power switches and disconnecting switches) from the central sub-station in Saint-Pierre-des-Corps. The telecommunications circuits will also be protected against electromagnetic disturbances.

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