A multi-channel environmental platform for Guadeloupe

The multi-channel environmental platform project establishes a complete chain for household waste disposal in Guadeloupe through the creation of a sorting and processing installation in Pointe à Pitre.

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The project will cover the handling of residual household waste, waste comparable to domestic waste, commercial or artisanal waste and external waste in 12 communes. This covers waste generated from 240 700 inhabitants, making up 54% of Guadeloupe’s total population.

Combating illegal dumping through improved equipment

Improving waste management is a major priority in Guadeloupe as more than 30% of all illegal waste dumping in France is conducted in the region. 

The project involves the upgrading and rehabilitation of SICTOM landfill plots, the servicing of land within and outside the site, and the building of office space. It also includes the supply and installation of processing equipment including:

  • sorting and separation equipment that divides the waste into three streams (recoverable waste, biodegradable waste and dry waste) with a capacity of 140 000 tons per year and running 300 days a year;
  • a methane recovery and organic compost producer with the capacity to process 40 000 tons per year and a unit for the drying, refining and storage of compost;
  • a unit for energy recovery by incineration capable of processing material of high calorific value (HCV);
  • a unit for the treatment of waste from industrial processes;
  • technical units relating to air and wastewater treatment.

Apart from residual household waste, the finished plant will process a variety of other waste types, including: products from waste disposals, sludge treatment plant waste, ordinary industrial and commercial waste and hospital waste. Upon arrival at the plant, it will divide these into three streams: recoverable waste, biodegradable waste (which is separated, fermented and composted) and dry waste which is recovered for its high calorific value.

Benefits for the environment and the economy

From an environmental point of view, the project assists in the eradication of non-authorised dumps and the new equipment has been specifically chosen to help reduce fumes, odours and dust. This project will generate important direct economic benefits in terms of employment and energy production and will have an important indirect impact on the tourism industry in the region.

It is expected that the percentage of recycled waste and waste converted to energy in Guadeloupe will greatly increase as a result of this project. Additionally, 6.1 hectares of land will be rehabilitated for the construction of the platform and 37.4 hectares of the landfill will be progressively rehabilitated as capacity of the processing plant increases.

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