Reconstruction of water- and wastewater networks in Narva city

The project represents the third phase of a long term investment plan for the development of water and wastewater system in Narva.  It consists of investments in drinking water treatment and distribution, as well as wastewater collection. It will be implemented by the municipal company AS Narva Vesi in Narva and Mustajõe intake.  The objective of the project is to help the municipality comply with the relevant EU environmental legislation, which should lead to  providing high-quality drinking water to customers.

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Project description

As regards water supply, the project mainly consists of works for the reconstruction of the surface water intake, the replacement of some 26 km water distribution pipelines, the reconstruction of drinking water treatment plant and water reservoirs. As regards wastewater collection, the project involves the reconstruction of about 27 km of sewers pipelines.

What are the project likely benefits?

Some 65 000 inhabitants living in the project area will directly benefit from the improved water services by receiving drinking water of higher quality. Safe drinking water will contribute to the reduction of health risks for the population. Leakages will be reduced from the current level of 57% to 20%. Wastewater disposal will improve the hygienic conditions and the quality of the environment, the infiltration will be reduced from 26% to 20%. Reliable and compliant water services will in turn make Narva a more attractive place to invest in. The project is expected to directly create 45 jobs during the implementation phase.

What are the project likely environmental benefits?

Significant environmental benefits will stem from the elimination of groundwater and subsoil contamination thanks to the reconstruction of wastewater collectors and elimination of leakages. Moreover, drinking water quality will be on high level and will minimize human health risks. Project implementation supports preventive principle, because the Mustajõe intake (drinking water pre-treatment unit) will be reconstructed and it will raise water quality before the main treatment process.

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