Rehabilitation of oil extraction sites will alleviate environmental burdens on the Morava River

Cleaning and protection of the Moravská Nová Ves water catchment area of the Morava River will bring environmental benefits and improve local water supplies.

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Drinking water and environmental protection

This area of the Morava River, in the Hodonín and Mikulčice districts, supplies drinking water for inhabitants, and the objective of this project is not only to clean contamination from oil exploration and extraction but also to protect the source of underground water at Moravská Nová Ves.

The cleaning of the ‘Protected Area of Natural Water Accumulation’ will also safeguard the neighbouring ‘Natura 2000 area’ by eliminating unstable sources of contamination.

New sanitation limits and monitoring

In order to rehabilitate the contaminated areas, 110 oil wells will be sealed, 246 sites will be cleaned of contamination from oil production, and a further 9 sites outside extraction wells will be cleaned. Selective extraction of contaminated soil will occur and the soil will be cleaned by an off-site process of biological degradation. Sites will also be cleaned of physical remains.

The project will be monitored throughout to ensure efficiency. Eventually, the post-project monitoring will be handed to the state-owned company Palivový kombinát Ústí, which will operate the monitoring wells for a further five years.

It is estimated that 36 new jobs will be created during the project.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “The Rehabilitation of Old Ecological Burdens remaining after oil extraction in the Moravská Nová Ves water catchment area in the Quaternary of the Morava River CHOPAV” is EUR 79 283 187. The EU’s Cohesion Fund is contributing EUR 53 064 302 from the Operational Programme “Environment” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period, priority axis "The rehabilitation of old ecological burdens";

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