Rail junction upgrade will enhance national and cross-border journeys

A major upgrade to the Břeclav junction and station will boost safety and increase capacity at a key hub for cross-border rail transport.

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The reconstruction of Břeclav railway junction, in the southeast of the Czech Republic on the border with Austria and Slovakia, will upgrade the station and track to improve the rail infrastructure and meet European technical standards for safety.

International rail transport corridor

The hub is a major connection for national and international rail traffic. It is located on two national transit corridors and two cross-border rail routes, both priority projects in the trans-European transport network: the Athens-Sofia-Budapest-Vienna-Prague-Nuremberg/Dresden rail route and the Gdansk-Warsaw-Brno/Bratislava-Vienna rail route. Nearly 25 % of the Czech Republic’s foreign trade transported by rail passes through Břeclav.

Earlier modernisation works have already seen the upgrade of other sites and sections along these routes. Břeclav was among a handful of rail junctions and nodes in the Czech Republic’s network that still needed to be upgraded.

The reconstruction works will lead to better quality rail travel, increased line capacity on the network, time savings, a lower impact of the railway on the surrounding environment and better safety. Two hundred and fifty jobs will be created to undertake the works during the course of the project.

First phase of works

The reconstruction of Břeclav junction has been divided into two distinct phases to reduce the impact of works on the daily operation of the rail junction. This funded project concerns the first phase only and will include the following works:

  • Reconstruction of station platforms in line with agreed standards for interoperability and to enable access for rail users with reduced mobility;
  • Reconstruction and extension of underpasses;
  • Work on communication and interlocking systems preparatory to the installation of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS)
  • 7.8 km of new and modified track and upgraded equipment.

Total and EU funding

The project “Reconstruction of the Railway Junction Břeclav, 1st Construction” has a total eligible budget of EUR 98 242 674, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund will contribute EUR 70 303 930 for the period 2007-2013.

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