Expressway D6 section Lubenec-Bošov improves Western Bohemia’s road network

Construction of a 4.12 km section of a four-lane motorway between Lubenec and Bošov in the Czech Republic will help improve the flow of traffic, increase safety and reduce congestion, noise and emissions in the Western Bohemia region.

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The construction of this section of the D6 in Western Bohemia is part of EU’s TEN-T road network, and is the first part of the new expressway connection between Karlovy Vary and Nove Straseci. In the future, when all the sections of the D6 have been fully upgraded, the expressway will form a new high-quality international connection running from Prague to Karlovy Vary and to the Czech Republic’s Western border with Germany. 

High priority project

The completion of the D6 motorway is a high-priority project for the Czech government and very important in linking up Europe’s road network.

EU Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu said in announcing the project: “This investment will divert transit traffic from the currently overloaded routes, increase road safety and improve air quality. The completion of the roads will have a tangible and positive impact on the region’s attractiveness and economic competitiveness.”

The creation of the 4.12 km section from Lubenec to Bošov involves the construction of three bridges – two on the motorway and one over it, along with two noise barriers of 900 m.

The road will be owned and operated by the Czech Republic’s Road and Motorway Directorate (RMD CR), a state organisation established by the country’s Ministry of Transport. RMD CR ensures the operation of motorways and class 1 roads, their maintenance and repairs through the Centres for Road Administration and Maintenance. 

The maintenance and operation of the R6 expressway is carried out by the Road Administration and Maintenance of the Ustí region and the Karlovy Vary region, with its seats in Dubí u Teplic, and Otovice. RMD CR also operates the Czech Republic’s toll system on the country’s motorway networks.

Total investment and EU funding 

Total investment for the project “Expressway R6 Lubenec – Bosov” is EUR 77 554 390, with the EU’s Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 65 921 231 through the “Transport” Operational Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period. The investment falls under the priority “Construction and modernisation of motorway and road network TEN-T”.

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