Czech Republic – new Bílý Kostel to Hrádek nad Nisou road link to boost regional economy

EU investment in constructing a 7.64 km two-lane road connecting the I/35 between Bílý Kostel and Hrádek nad Nisou strengthens the region’s competitiveness and helps to develop tourism and improve road safety in this important northern border region of the Czech Republic.

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The road I/35 section from Bílý Kostel to Hrádek nad Nisou is the last part in the construction of the network between Liberec and the national boundary with Germany and Poland. The Liberec region has about 500 000 inhabitants.  

The section is part of the R35/I/35 route, an important link in the Czech Republic’s national road network and the trans-European motorway network TEN-T. The R35/I/35 route connects the motorway D47 (D1) by Olomouc with the D11 road by Hradec Králové and continues through to Germany and Poland.

Promoting competitiveness, tourism and investment

Completing the section contributes to strengthening the areas competitiveness and helps to develop regional and national tourism. It also promotes the interests of investors in terms of preparing industrial, economic and residential zones in the areas. Another aim is to improve road safety.

Work on the 7.64 km two-lane road connecting the I/35 between Bílý Kostel and Hrádek nad Nisou includes the construction of 2 junctions, 11 bridges totalling 826 m in length, 2 anti-noise shields, and 3 abutment walls along with the relocation and adjustment of other roads along the route.

The road will remain under the ownership of the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic (RMD CR). The road operation, its maintenance and repairs are ensured by RMD CR’s branch in Liberec.

Total investment and EU funding 

The total cost for the project “Road I/35 Bílý Kostel – Hrádek nad Nisou” is EUR 86 053 303 and the total eligible cost is EUR 81 993 368, with the EU’s Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 69 694 362 through the “Transport” Operational Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period. The investment falls under the priority “Construction and upgrading of the TEN-T motorway and road network”.

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