A boon to parents and the environment

Luxembourg has a wide range of reception facilities for children of pre-school and school age. A state-of-the-art building in the south-west of the country offers first-rate accommodation for local children outside of school hours and incorporates a host of energy-saving and other green features.

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Learning about energy savings in a real-life environment Learning about energy savings in a real-life environment

"A building that can accommodate 88 children, calling on low-energy construction with recovery of heat and rain and with an efficient solar power installation."
Georges Engel, Mayor of Sanem Commune

Completed for the new school year in September 2006, the ‘Foyer scolaire au Scheuerhof’ in Sanem Commune can take in 88 youngsters during term time for short fixed periods between seven in the morning and seven at night. They are permanently accompanied by nine trained adult monitors and can enjoy healthy meals on site.

Purpose-designed reception

Sanem Commune’s latest reception facilities form part of the national ‘Maison Relais’ network, intended for children of nursery school age up to the sixth year of primary education. Maison Relais are aimed at families with two working parents, as well as single-parent and disadvantaged families. Goals include ensuring children become more independent, learn through games and educational activities, and receive help with their homework.

Plans were hatched for the commune’s new reception facilities in late 2001 and approved at national level in 2004. Construction started in May 2005 and was finished just over a year later. EU funding covered a fifth of the total cost.

The Scheuerhof facilities, next to a school of the same name, include four main multifunctional rooms that can each accommodate up to 15 children. Those of primary-school age stay on the first floor and can access surrounding lawns via a gangway. The youngest children are accommodated on the ground floor and benefit from a terrace where they can play. There is also a shared playground behind the building.

Kid-friendly and kind to nature

The Scheuerhof facilities are conveniently located just metres from nearby schools in the small town of Soleuvre, enabling the young users to walk quickly to and from them while temporarily enjoying a sense of freedom of being outside their classrooms. In this building and the École 2000, two cooks and their three assistants prepare meals for other reception facilities in the commune.

Besides enabling many local families to reconcile their busy working lives with family life, the Scheuerhof highlights the advantages of purpose-built green facilities. These include roof-top solar panels able to generate annual energy savings of 4 026 kWh and energy recovery of between 70% and 80% from the controlled ventilation system. Compared to a standard building, it also offers CO2 savings of around 50% thanks to various architectural features.

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