Getting connected to Riga’s water supply and sewerage system

Thousands of people in Riga are being connected to the city’s water supply and wastewater collection networks thanks to a huge scheme which aims to upgrade infrastructure and provide better services.

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This project is the fourth phase of a longer-term investment programme (running from 1995 to 2025), which centres on improving drinking water and sewerage management systems throughout Riga. Phase four focuses on constructing a new drinking water treatment plant in the Baltezers district, along with extending the water supply and sewerage networks in Marupe, Katlakalns and Bolderaja.

Previous phases were developed to improve drinking water and wastewater treatment plants, to reconstruct water supply and sewerage networks deemed to be in a critical condition, and to extend water supply and wastewater collection networks in specific areas of Riga. The overall programme directly benefits about 700 000 people by providing them with connections to efficient, centralised water supply and wastewater systems.

Extending supply

Phase four working connects an additional 4 200 people to the water supply network and 6 000 people to wastewater collection services. When the work is completed, the share of the local population connected to the water supply network will rise from 96.7 % to 98.2 %, and the share of population connected to the sewerage system will rise from 95.6 % to 97.9 %.

The main socio-economic benefit of the project is delivery of improved drinking water quality with an estimated value of EUR 77 464 353.

In Marupe, the project provides for the construction of 23.5 km of water supply pipelines, 30.3 km of wastewater collection pipes and 1.9 km of wastewater pressure piping. Three wastewater pumping stations are also scheduled for construction.

Work in Katlakalns focuses on constructing 9.2 km of water supply pipes, 11.8 km of wastewater collection pipes and 1.4 km of wastewater pressure pipelines. Four wastewater pumping stations are to be built in this district.

One new wastewater pumping station is earmarked for Bolderaja, along with 7 km of new water supply piping, 8.3 km of wastewater collection pipework and 0.4 km of wastewater pressure pipeline. In addition, small sections of water supply and wastewater pipeline are being reconstructed.

The new drinking water treatment plant has been designed to handle a volume of 28 000 m3 per day.

Project infrastructure is owned by the final beneficiary, Riga Udens, which operates based on a licence issued by Riga City Council for provision of commercial activities in the field of public water management services.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Development of water management in Riga, 4th stage” is EUR 61 300 000, with the EU’s Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 20 600 000 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period. The project falls under the Infrastructure and Services Operational Programme, priority “Promotion of environmental infrastructure and environmentally friendly energy”.

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