Better road links between Latvian and Russian ports

A safer and faster expressway for cars will provide a higher level of service for vehicles using the West-East corridor between Latvian and Russian ports.

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The project, to construct a new section of highway and several connecting roads, is needed to make sure future traffic growth can be accommodated and speed and safety improved.Quality of life will also be improved for around 58 200 local residents through reduced noise and air pollution.

Improving access to the Pan European Corridors

The work is an element in the drive to improve the key road networks that run across Europe, called TEN-T roads, after a major transport policy. The project includes the building of 17.54 kilometres of new 15 of which will be TEN-T roads, the reconstruction of 54.24 kilometres of which 40.48 are TEN-T and the construction of 40 kilometres of local link roads.

Forming part of the E22 road development, the Latvian state road network development programme includes several technically and financially independent construction projects that complement each other. The work extends from the Riga bypass to the Russian border.

Local impact

The project will divert the transit traffic going towards Jekabpils, and further to the Russian border, from urban areas lying along the existing main road, the A6. This redirection of heavy vehicles will mean the populations of towns and villages in the area of the existing A6 will have a greatly improved environment as pollution is cut, traffic diverted and noise reduced. They will also find that traffic flow on the A6 is more manageable.

Long distance road users heading to the Eastern part of the country including heavy goods vehicles carrying freight to Latgale and further, into Russia, will gain half an hour. This saving is valued at € 517 304 000 – the upgraded and new roads will also reduce the cost of operating costs significantly.

Road maintenance costs will also be reduced. Since, in contrast with the existing highway, there will be no level crossings or junctions with minor roads, road safety will be greatly improved.

How is it going to unfold?

The project consists of the improvement and reconstruction of the existing link of the Latgale road from Tinuzi – Viskaliand the connection of this link by a new construction of the section Viskali – Kokneseto the existing main road A6 in the East, in Koknese. It also involves the connection by reconstructed sections of regional roads to the existing main road, the A4, in the West.

Work will include preparation, earth works, pavement construction, traffic guidance and lighting systems. Three new bridges will be built and five other upgraded. Twenty-two new underpasses will be created and 40 kilometres of local link roads will feed into the system. A kilometre long pedestrian road will be created and lighting installed at fourteen junctions.

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