Time to discover the splendour of Florence by tram

The tramway system in the city of Florence has been the focus of major improvement works over recent years. The role of this current project is to complete Lines 1 and 2 of the network.

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With new street and tramway underpasses, the building of a new bridge spanning the magical Arno river and modifications to some existing bridges, the project is expected to see over 14.5 million car users shift to public transport.

Completing the network jigsaw

This project forms part of an overall project focused on building a network of tramway lines linking the major municipalities in the metropolitan area of Florence. It will result in the completion of two functional lots of Line 1: one connecting Santa Maria Novella (S.M.N.) railway station (Florence) to Scandicci, and one linking S.M.N. to Careggi Hospital Centre; and the completion of Line 2 (Amerigo Vespucci Airport – Piazza della Libertà).

The project includes investments designed to improve or modify the existing infrastructures as well as the construction of new structures such as new street and tramway underpasses, a new bridge over the Arno and other modifications to cope with the new system. In total, 18.92 km of lines will be completed, and 46 stops built. The network is expected to become fully operational in 2012. Employment gains through the project come in the form of 511 direct jobs created during the building phase, a further 186 once the system is up and running.

Touch of green added to city transport

Sustainable mobility in Florence’s metropolitan area is the key underlying objective of the project. Regional authorities estimate that, as a direct result of the works undertaken, over 14.5 million car users will get out of their cars and onto public transport, this representing 37% of users of the tramway system. The gains anticipated for the environment include reduced urban congestion, improved commuter traffic and a better transport system within the area itself and also between the area and the rest of the region, contributing to greater mobility for residents and visitors to the city.

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