Port city connections to be enhanced

The Port of Salerno is to get a new urban road, significantly improving links with a nearby motorway and international networks.

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The major project includes construction of a new junction and five kilometres of new roads. It comes under the umbrella of Salerno Porta Ovest, a wider urban plan.

Key port for Mediterranean sea traffic

Located in south-western Italy, in the Campania region, Salerno has a population of some 140 000. The city enjoys excellent sea links to other national and international ports across the Mediterranean, as well as good road and rail links to the rest of Italy. In 2011, it handled more than 10.5 million tonnes of cargo and almost three million containers.

Under this project, which is co-funded by the EU, the main goal is to improve links between Salerno Port and the A3 motorway as well as the broader EU trans-European Transport Network (the so-called TEN-T programme). The work will include building a new road and reconstructing others, as well as other key infrastructure. It falls under the Salerno Porta Ovest plan, aimed at redesigning the city’s overall accessibility.

New and reconstructed roads

Work will focus on a total of some 6.7 km of roads, of which almost 5.3 km will be new. Separated from existing roads in the area, the new road will feature two new tunnels, respectively 850 m and 950 m in length and with twin lanes. Building the new tunnels is a major challenge, due to the ground’s tough rocky composition. The project also calls for construction of two roundabouts and other minor adjustments to the current urban road network.

Almost 180 new jobs will be created during the implementation phase. The project is expected to reduce the high traffic congestion in the area, by separating heavy commercial vehicles from other traffic crossing the city. The area’s accessibility will also improve, thanks to reduced travel times between the city and motorway. Travel costs for passengers and trucks will also be reduced. Further benefits will include enhanced freight capacity for the port, plus greater economic development potential for the Campania and Mezzogiorno region.

Total and EU funding

The project “Porto di Salerno – Collegamenti ferroviari e stradali. Sistema dei trasporti Salerno porta ovest” has a total eligible budget of EUR 146 600 000, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 73 300 000 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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