New public transport link to promote sustainable mobility in Palermo

A new underground metro line in Palermo is expected to provide a boost to urban mobility, helping to cut congestion and improve commuter traffic.

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The project will see an extension built to the underground rail system in Palermo city centre. It will involve the construction of a tunnelled rail line, some 1.7 km in length, and three new stations, to be called "Porto", "Politeama" and "Liberta".

Going underground to boost jobs

Two of the main objectives are to improve commuter traffic in Palermo and also reduce urban congestion in the municipality.

Promotion of sustainable mobility in the metropolitan area of Palermo is another primary aim, with local transport users expected to be the main ones to benefit

When the work is completed at the end of next year, it is hoped the metro extension will improve the overall transport system between Palermo and the rest of the region. This project is expected to create 750 new jobs during the construction period.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the "Palermo railway ring" project is EUR 154 694 486 of which the EU´s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 75 120 026  from the Operational Programme "Sicilia 2007-2013" for the 2007 to 2013 programming period, under the priority “Mobility networks”.

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