New engine plant in Foggia to enhance production and provide new R&D facilities

Investment in manufacturing facilities in Puglia is expanding production capability and funding the creation of a new Competence Centre to promote innovative engine designs for road vehicles, marine engines and agricultural equipment.

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The plant produces diesel engines for light road vehicles. EU investment helped to increase production from 250 000 to 320 000 units per year. Core business is concentrated on the technologically critical components and those that characterise the functionality and quality of the product.

Increase in production and more jobs

The production boost is intended to position FPT Industrial (a division of the FIAT group) as the only manufacturer of light diesel engines in Europe. The company will go on to supply a range of 2.3- and 3-litre engines for FIAT, IVECO and new commercial customers.

The research facility focuses on producing heavy duty engines that run on alternative fuels. As part of this R&D strategy, the Competence Centre is looking into new ways of dealing with innovations such as the development of exhaust after-treatment systems, the analysis and reductions in fuel consumptions and emissions. It also specialises in the design and implementation of innovative fuel injection systems and combustion analysis.

Upgraded equipment

A new manufacturing base line was established with new production and testing machines, as well as new flue gas filtration systems. Further additions and upgrades were also put in place to enhance and improve the equipment handling, control and equipment preparation.

At the end of the production line, new equipment was supplied to meet the needs of shipping and logistics, with new carrying equipment, pallet systems and machinery for special handling.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “FPT Industrial SpA Production Capacity Expansion Foggia Plant” is EUR 74 947 000. The EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributed EUR 13 143 800 from the Operational Programme “Research and Competitiveness” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period, under the priority axis "Support for innovation".

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