Integrated information system for mobility proposed by 3i+.

3i+ is a tool for collecting and disseminating information on mobility within the programme's four regions (Tuscany, Sardinia and Liguria (Italy) and Corsica (France)). This data is accessible during the three phases of a given journey: planning, travel and arrival, by both public and private transport. Citizens can use online dissemination tools (website, app) to check road conditions and real-time parking space availability in the cross-border zone. 3i+ also optimises the use of local transport networks.

Additional tools

The 3i+ project provides real-time mobility information on parking space availability in Corsica.© Walter Pratesi The 3i+ project provides real-time mobility information on parking space availability in Corsica.© Walter Pratesi

" The aim of the 3i+ strategic project was to enhance territorial accessibility in affected areas by providing all citizens with mobility information services for intermodal and interregional transport, as well as real-time management of mobility information and added-value services based on geo-location. The information system created by 3i+ covers the entire territory concerned by the Italy-Maritime France operational programme for the 2007-2013 period. "

Walter Pratesi, Tuscany region, local public transport sector

Thanks to the 3i+ mobility information system, citizens are able to optimise their trips within the Italy-Maritime France area of cooperation. They can use a journey planner, real-time information on road networks and inner-city traffic, as well as geo-location services for finding strategic locations (parking spaces, transport hubs etc.).

All these services can be consulted online (via website or app). The involvement of all the relevant collectivities has facilitated the integration of data and the synergy between mobility information systems made available to users.

The 3i+ project is specifically adapted to the area of cooperation and enables a greater level of mobility within port cities, tourist cities (such as Genoa, Bastia, Propriano, Bonifacio) and unusual geographic conditions (topography and coastlines that obstruct circulation). 3i+ has developed synergies between collectivities that have, thus far, spearheaded local initiatives.

This initiative follows on from project 3i, which was funded within the context of the same programme. It was also responsible for undertaking the considerable task of mapping out the existing systems within the cross-border area.

Citizens (residents, professionals, tourists and other users) have access to real-time information through the use of online dissemination tools, the most important of which are the following:

  • 13 variable message signs for mobility (Pisa, Lucca, Massa-Carrara);
  • 20 detectors for monitoring road traffic;
  • 5 parking space availability information signs;
  • 21 WiFi antennas providing free and open Internet access;
  • 4 apps available on Android and iOS;
  • 35 local means of transport placed under surveillance.

The system presents technological innovations:

  • Introducing the use of apps and websites improves the dissemination and accessibility of services. 
  • The apps (e-Andhalas, TP3iplus, iNFOPARK, Bici in città) attract great interest from the public, particularly those aged between 20-30.
  • The use of open-source technological solutions makes it possible to re-use and expand existing models.

Total investment and EU funding

A total of EUR 6 000 000 was invested in the 3i+ project. The European Regional Development Fund contributed EUR 4 500 000 million under the Cross-Border Italy-Maritime France Operational Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period.

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