Improving the capacity of the University of Debrecen’s kindergarten

The Development of Debrecen University OEC kindergarten project carried out much-needed renovation of the kindergarten, extending its premises and ensuring that it is fit for purpose.

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The renovated kindergarten is better able to serve the needs of the community The renovated kindergarten is better able to serve the needs of the community

" Thanks to the project the number of children in each group became optimal and the staff members can now work in reasonable conditions "

Lívia Kiss, project manager, University of Debrecen.

The old kindergarten building at Debrecen University had become unable to accommodate the demand placed upon it and to provide the right environment in which the children could prosper. The developmental project thus focused on improving the overall infrastructure of the kindergarten's two buildings.

In the first building, training, speech therapy, kindergarten staff, dressing and storage rooms were developed. Expansion of the second building led to the creation of three new group rooms allowing for 20 new places in the kindergarten. The kindergarten’s kitchen and garden were also renovated, along with another group room, a changing room and a toilet.

Better equipped to meet demand

Prior to 2012, the number of children attending the kindergarten had risen to 183 even though officially only 165 places were available. The number of spaces has now increased to 185, sufficient to meet demand. The kindergarten is also now better equipped to offer schooling to children with special needs and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The reconstructed buildings are also more accessible, therefore better serving the community.

"The above described developments would not have been possible to be reached without EU funding," says Livia Kiss, project manager from the University of Debrecen. The kindergarten is now capable of implementing its healthy lifestyle programme, cooperating and enjoying better relations with its partners elsewhere in Europe. It can also support the professional activities of psychologists and other forms of research.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Debrecen University OEC kindergarten” is HUF 120 000 000 (approximately EUR 388 271), of which the EU is contributing HUF 120 000 000 (approximately EUR 388 271) from the Operational Programme “North Great Plain” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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