Győr Mobilis Interactive Exhibition Centre promotes education and training and encourages tourism

With 150 000 visitors over the past two years, the centre is strengthening the link between students in higher education or training and the Northern-Transdanubian economy.

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The Mobilis Interactive Exhibition Centre has received more than 150 000 visitors since it first opened in 2012. The Mobilis Interactive Exhibition Centre has received more than 150 000 visitors since it first opened in 2012.

" The Mobilis Science Centre, has seen visits from more than 200 schools and kindergartens since its opening, mainly from the region but also from all over Hungary, and from Slovakia. Győr is the centre of the Hungarian automotive industry. Building on Győr’s technical and industrial heritage, and high-tech automotive presence, Mobilis focuses on the scientific and technological concepts related to transport and vehicles, doing so to engage visitors with the industry and draw attention to exciting potential (engineering and/or science) career paths in the industry. "

Szabolcs Rákosi, Events Manager

The Mobilis Interactive Exhibition Centre, which opened in March 2012, is a unique attraction for education, training and tourism purposes. Located in Győr, Hungary, Mobilis is an interactive science arena, which aims to demonstrate natural and technological sciences through vehicles and transport. The main objective of the Centre is to bring these sciences closer to the people in a memorable way.

The Centre features 74 interactive exhibition devices as well as experiments and demonstrations for schoolchildren and families, locals and tourists. Through these interactive facilities, the project aims to provide schoolchildren - the main target audience for the Centre - with an outstanding opportunity to develop an interest in cars, transport and mobility through interesting experiments in a playful way.

Bridging innovation and tourism

Mobilis is making a major contribution to the development of thinking, promoting natural science as a career, and encouraging innovation and research in the Northern-Transdanubian region, with the aim of boosting local economic growth in these fields. At the same time, the exhibition centre provides a unique opportunity to visit Győr and its micro-region through spectacular and entertaining interactive devices on natural sciences.

Mobilis is a non-profit organisation, owned by the Győr City municipality, and operates out of a brand new building located on the campus of Széchenyi István University of Győr. The Centre offers a wide variety of courses for different age-groups. For schoolchildren under the age of 10 Mobilis launched a course in Physics in a school in Győr (for 67 children over two school years). Mobilis also launched presentations and experiments at both elementary and secondary schools. The Centre has participated at events like the Night of Researchers, Junior University or Open doors, and family days organised by various companies.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Győr Mobilis Interactive Exhibition Centre” is EUR 6 682 865, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 6 357 750 from the Operational Programme “Social Infrastructure” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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