Encouraging women to explore science and technology fields

The FEMCOOP project aimed to inspire young women and girls to go into the natural science and technical fields in order to counteract the shortage of skilled workers in the region, and to boost confidence and skills among women. 

Additional tools

FEMCOOP exposes young women to technical fields such as electronics with the hope that they will fill the shortage of skilled labours. FEMCOOP exposes young women to technical fields such as electronics with the hope that they will fill the shortage of skilled labours.

" Talent is neither male nor female - but often young girls do not know about their technical skills and have little information about technical occupations. "

Claudia Krobath, IRS Project Coordinator

There is an increasing shortage of skilled workers in the technical industries in Austria and Hungary, and therefore a need for young people to find interest in these professions. The project showed women the wide range of technical occupations available. 

While learning about different technical fields, girls met with female professionals from the metal and electrical industry regarded as role models, who coached them in a variety of workshops and helped provide a new perspective on science occupations. In addition, a brochure and manual were developed showcasing the different types of science jobs available in the market, while a social media outreach programme was launched. Job fairs were held throughout the programme, culminating in a final event which gathered political representatives and social partners. 

Mentoring students

The programme gave practical information to 150 young females, including first-hand experience with different industries through role models and workshops. Fifteen partnerships with schools and companies were established to facilitate these experiences. Overall, the prejudice against technical professions was reduced, according to a survey of interest of participants. Through mentoring opportunities, students were able to make stronger career choices, identify new career opportunities, and meet potential employers in the region. 

Through the programme, ‘women’s equality in the economy’ and ‘women in technical and scientific professions’ were themes promoted among the general public, as well as politicians. 

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the Project “FEMCOOP - Improving Female Cooperation in technical professions to ensure equal opportunities” is EUR 318 050, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 269 493 from the Operational Programme “Cross-border Cooperation Programme Austria - Hungary” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period. 

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