Revitalising the heart of the Athens underground

The Athens underground is an efficient, tastefully decorated means of transport, greatly valued by both the city’s inhabitants and visitors. A huge project renovating its main line, linking Piraeus, the port district, and Kifisia, Athens’ northern suburb, is entering its completion phase.

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The green line (line 1) is the Athens underground's main line. It was the first to be built to link the centre of Greece’s capital with the densely-populated, lively districts in the north-east of the city (Kifisia) and the port district in the south-west (Piraeus).

A revamped double-track line

The ‘Reinforcing Accessibility’ and ‘Attiki’ (1) projects extending over the period 2007–2013 are part of the extension to a renovation programme whose first phase was carried out between 2000 and 2006.

The work during this second phase covers 16 km of the line and mainly involves the following tasks:

- Renovating the infrastructure and superstructure on the surface;
- Reinforcing the Omonia-Monastiraki tunnel;
- Replacing the electric track in certain sections (Monastiraki-Attiki et Nea Ionia-Kifisia) and weatherproofing it along the whole line;
- Installing the ATS (Automatic Train Supervision) system for traffic control;
- Installing anti-noise barriers in the highly populated areas.

Comfort and safety

There have been 205 jobs created directly during the implementation of the project and the line will be fully operational in 2012–2013. It currently affects 440 000 commuters who stand to benefit not so much in terms of time (a total journey time of 48 instead of 51 minutes), but of safety and comfort.

This line is also used by numerous tourists, especially because it terminates in Piraeus. This famous location, which is actually made up of three large basins, is one of the largest ports in the world for passenger traffic (handling some 12 million passengers a year), travelling both to the Greek islands and international destinations.

(1) The programme’s full name is “Sectoral operational programme ‘Reinforcing Accessibility’ 2007GR161PO004 and Regional operational programme ‘Attiki’ 2007GR161PO006”.

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