Motorists look forward to faster and safer trips

A much-needed new stretch of road is to be built on a key north-south axis in Greece’s northern Central Macedonia region in an effort to cut journey times.

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Motorists look forward to faster and safer trips Motorists look forward to faster and safer trips

Some 11.5 km long, the road will complete a network that stretches from Thessaloniki to the small town of Doïrani on the southern shore of Dojran Lake, which marks a border between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia. Road safety is also expected to improve substantially as a result of the project.

Expanding the road network

This major project will result in the construction of a twin-lane road from Thessaloniki to Doïrani, starting from the overpass intersection with Egnatia Road up to the overpass crossroads of Mavroneri. It will pass through Kilkis, a large municipality with a population of some 56 300, located approximately 40 km north of Thessaloniki.

In addition to the new road, the project will fund improvements to side roads. Essential work will also be carried out on local utility networks.

State-of-the art twin-lane road

Following completion of the project, there will be a new 11.45 km stretch of toll-free road running north-west from Assiros on the E79 highway to Nea Santa, a small town on the main road between Thessaloniki and Kilkis. This addition will complete the Thessaloniki-Kilkis-Doïrani road network, which is some 23.8 km long. Parallel side roads with a total length of 26.7 km will also have been upgraded, together with local utility networks.

The new road is expected to cut the point-to-point travel time of motorists by as much as 17 minutes. Experts also predict that it will reduce the risk of road accidents by 18 %, in particular by relieving some of the heavy traffic currently generated by the industrial area of Stavrohori on the outskirts of Kilkis. During the implementation phase, the project will create some 235 direct jobs.

Total and EU funding

The project “Construction of the section Assiros-Nea Santa of the road network Thessaloniki-Kilkis-Doïrani” has a total eligible budget of EUR 58 000 000, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 48 140 000 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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