Modern road interchange to increase traffic fluidity

A major new interchange just outside Thessaloniki aims to relieve traffic congestion and increase road safety.

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The K16 interchange will link the city’s inner ring road with the Patras-Athens-Thessaloniki-Evzoni (PATHE) motorway. It also forms part of Europe’s expanding international road network – the so-called TEN-T programme in the Central Macedonia region.

Heavy traffic congestion

Located to the west of Thessaloniki, the area around the K16 interchange under construction is very busy and overburdened with traffic. Besides serving as the western road and rail entrance to the city and its Central Market, it is home to several important industrial plants, especially petroleum refineries, plus numerous transport companies and vehicle technical control centres. It is also a key connection point between the suburbs and the PATHE motorway.

Under this three-year project, a large and toll-free interchange will be built between the PATHE motorway and the city’s inner ring road. It will include nine bridges, hydraulic works, new roads and other associated infrastructure. Work will be completed by the end of 2015, although some sections should be open in December 2014. It will also complement ongoing contracting work to connect the sixth pier of Thessaloniki port with the PATHE motorway.

Nine new bridges

Once completed, the project will have converted the currently overburdened road junction into a modern interchange. It will deliver nine bridges with a total deck area of almost 17 900 square metres. Three will be located at the PATHE/inner ring road junction, one over the inner ring, and the other five over the pipelines of a petroleum and sewerage plant.

Hydraulic works – creating a network of pipes and drains to collect and channel away rainwater – are to include roads and bridge access points, with a total length of seven km, as well as a network of adjoining roads of around 10.5 km. Further work will focus on improving subsoil, installing electric lighting and traffic lights, plus markings, plant works and public utilities.

Chief benefits of the project are expected to be a cut in traffic delays (up to nine minutes) in the area for local people and transit drivers, plus a more than one-third reduction in the number of traffic accident victims. It will also lead to an upgrade of 1.4 km of Greece’s regional road network. Some 360 jobs will be created directly as a result of this project.

Total and EU funding

The project “Construction of the K16 interchange, at the junction P.A.TH.E. and Thessaloniki internal ring” has a total eligible budget of EUR 100 400 00, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 85 340 000 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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