Plant expansion will provide a boost to employment and innovation

A pharmaceutical plant in Saxony-Anhalt is to undergo a major expansion which will help it to create new products and remain globally competitive. The investment will also strengthen Saxony-Anhalt’s economy by delivering new jobs and greater innovative capacity.

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From its base in Dessau-Rosslau, IDT Biologika GmbH already operates one of Europe foremost integrated biological and pharmaceutical development and manufacturing facilities. In addition to making human and animal vaccines, the company is internationally recognised as a development partner and contract manufacturer for a range of products. The proposed expansion will allow the company to strengthen its business model, increase turnover and create 160 new permanent positions, including 10 trainee posts.

State-of-the-art facilities

The project will pay for a new deep-freeze storage facility, warehousing for anaesthetics and samples, new office space and a new bottling plant. Funding will also cover the upgrading of laboratory facilities and new equipment.

The proposed deep-freeze storage depot will be able to house 108 pallets at temperatures below -20°C. It will be capable of storing a minimum of 3 million vials of finished vaccine. A ‘shock-froster’, which can rapidly cool products down to required storage temperature, will be installed beside the deep-freeze.

A new building is needed to store both the source materials and finished products required for the manufacture of anaesthetics. The new warehouse will include shelving for active ingredients, climate chambers for samples and pallet compartments for bulk and finished goods. Storage will be managed using scanners and the facility will be connected to the site’s building management system. The warehouse for reference samples will include ground-level shelving housed in climate cabinets which have defined temperature ranges.

Another new building promises to create a modern production facility for filling vials and freeze-drying viral vaccines for humans. The bottling site will provide state-of-the art technology, and processes within the building will take account of both European and American regulatory requirements. Employees will reach the filling area through a new changing room and airlock.

New equipment

The overall scheme will also allow for investment in a variety of equipment for existing buildings such as mobile containers, external washing facilities for glass containers, an automatic sorting machine, packing lines for syringes, airlock systems and labellers. New vaccine production equipment will include a blister filling machine for rabies vaccine, roll cupboards, various particle containers, centrifuges, cleaning systems and a chromatography system.

Among other benefits, the project is expected to bolster existing development work for the manufacturing and testing of clinical specimens for innovative new human vaccines. The company’s work in the animal health sector will also receive a boost from investment in the plant.

Total and EU funding

The project “IDT Biologika GmbH” has a total eligible budget of EUR 85 000 000, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 6 749 502 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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