New stretch of the A14 motorway underway

A third section of the A14 motorway is being constructed in northern Germany, with the aim of increasing passenger safety, enhancing accessibility, protecting the environment and reducing travel times. Residents of Magdeburg, Schwerin and Wismar all stand to benefit.

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The stretch of new motorway runs from Ludwigslust junction to the Schwerin interchange and is part of the overall A14 extension between Magdeburg and Schwerin, in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region.

Good news for the environment

The environment looks set to benefit with a reduction in inner city noise pollution and CO2 emissions, as travel through built up areas is being avoided. The new road is also separating inter-regional from local traffic, thus improving traffic flow. Locations that have previously suffered from noise pollution and green house gas emissions stand to gain, resulting in a better quality of life for the long affected residents of these areas.

The economy is also receiving a welcome boost as the project makes transport connections between Magdeburg, Schwerin and Wismar more efficient. Moving traffic onto the four-lane motorway should also improve road safety, especially in urban areas and on surrounding minor roads.

Linking key cities

Works in this project also include the construction of the Ludwigslust north and south junctions. In addition, the Schwerin interchange is being rebuilt and a car park beside Ludwigslusters Kanal is being constructed. Overall, this third section of motorway is contributing to an efficient and extensive road network to link key central German cities including Magdeburg, Halle (Saale) and Leipzig.

It is estimated that 328 direct jobs are being created during the project's implementation with a further 417 jobs in place once completed.  People from other regions travelling to this area are benefiting from the faster journey times and better quality roads. This third section of motorway is 16.016 km in length and has a maximum speed limit of 120 km/hr.

Total investment and EU funding

The total investment for the “New construction of the motorway A14; Module 3, AS Ludwigslust until AK Schwerin (A 24)” is EUR 148 348 180, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 68 900 000 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period. The project is funded through the priority “Bundesfernstrassen” of the Operational Programme “Transport”.

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