New power plant laboratory provides researchers with the equipment to test pioneering energy efficiency technology

Three research projects are benefiting, in the first instance, from the building of a high performance testing facility in Saxony.

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Components for the magnetic bearing-supported turbo machinery are currently at the design phase Components for the magnetic bearing-supported turbo machinery are currently at the design phase

Increasing the energy efficiency of power plants, using energy supplies in an optimum manner, conserving precious energy resources and promoting environmental sustainability are the main aims behind the building of a new power plant laboratory in the city of Zittau. The power plant laboratory is built over the coming years on the site of the Zittau public utility company and enables three ground-breaking research projects to be carried out with the optimal equipment.

The project is being promoted by the Institute of Process Technology, Process Automation and Measuring Technology (IPM), which is itself part of the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences. One of the research projects examines how turbo machinery in power stations can be made more energy efficient through the use of an innovative magnetic levitation system for the rotor. The second research project examines how to increase the energy efficiency of thermal power plants and the third project involves carrying out research in the thermochemical domain.

“The three research projects and the associated construction of the Zittau Power Plant Laboratory further strengthens the profile of the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences,” said institute director Professor Frank Worlitz. “The projects are very varied but have one thing in common: to develop and optimise technologies that increase the energy efficiency of energy plants in order to use energy in an optimum manner and preserve resources.”

The Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences has a long tradition of teaching and research in the field of energy technology. Thirty-three employees and five professors, supported by third party funds, are currently working in the university’s IPM on energy and environmental technology projects.

Total and EU funding

The “Zittauer Kraftwerkslabor” (Zittau Power Plant Laboratory) project had a total budget of EUR 5 750 000, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributed EUR 4 300 000 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period with the objective of furthering convergence. The national contribution was EUR 1 450 000. The project is funded through the priority “Expansion and improvement of the infrastructure to permit durable economic growth” of the Operational Programme for Saxony 2007-2013.

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