New Federal Road B178n connects three countries and relieves villages

The new road links eastern Saxony to the federal motorway A4, improving accessibility for the people in the area, as well as for visitors transiting from Poland or Czech Republic towards Dresden.

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With a length of 10.2 km, the new road segment is part of a larger project that aims to create a north-south connection from the A4 highway to the town of Zittau, close to the Polish-Czech border. Bypassing several smaller towns and villages, the new B178n will improve traffic flow, and reduce the impact of transit traffic on local inhabitants. This will improve the living conditions of people living not only along the old B178, but also along the B96 and B6 federal roads, which will also see a reduction of traffic as a result of the new construction.

Cross-border benefits

The connection to the A4, about 42 km of new road in total, brings the area closer to important centres, including the capital of Saxony, Dresden, and the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. It also means faster and easier travel for people transiting from Poland or the Czech Republic into Germany and vice versa, and better transport of products and materials.

Important local economic benefits are expected as well. The three cities of Zittau, Bogatynia, and Hradek and Nisou, all located in the triangle between Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic, are planning to improve their cooperation in order to achieve cross-border synergies. In particular, the development of industrial real estate is to be coordinated, and the cities have planned joint marketing in order to benefit from their location and tap into the market jointly.

Linking roads

The project includes section 3.2 of the new road, reaching from Obercunnersdorf to Niederoderwitz. The two-lane road includes 16 civil engineering structures with a total length of 556 m, and two interchanges.

The project is expected to generate 50 new jobs during its implementation phase, and 29 new jobs after the works’ completion.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “New construction of Federal Road B178n (German/Polish border – A4), Module 2, section 3.2” is EUR 55 095 000, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) contributing EUR 31 000 000, through the “Transport Infrastructure of the Federal Republic of Germany” Operational Programme, for the 2007-2013 programming period. Works fall under the priority axis “Infrastructure investments and transport management for federal trunk roads”.

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