Inspiring the scientists of tomorrow

Held in the Hannover’s exhibition grounds, the IdeenExpo is a biennial event that showcases science and technology to young people and has been described as the world’s biggest classroom. For the 2013 edition which took place from 24 August to 1 September, the organisers received some EUR 2 million in ERDF-funding, helping the event attract 342 000 visitors.

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" IdeenExpo 2013 was an excellent opportunity to meet future science and technology talent. Universities and scientific institutions presented interesting research through interactive exhibitions, workshops and lectures. The exhibitors’ high degree of satisfaction with proceedings showed that productive discussions had taken place. "

Dirk Timmer, project manager, IdeenExpo

The aim of IdeenExpo 2013 was to inspire the young people attending to follow a career in science and technology. Achieving this would help counteract the skill shortages in so-called MINT occupations – a term used to describe jobs involving mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology, which have been experiencing a skills shortage.

The IdeenExpo 2013 offered a good platform to present current ERDF-funded projects involving scientific institutions that helped boost regional competitiveness and employment. Through various lectures and talks, the 2013 edition presented 20 ERDF-funded projects and featured several exhibits, workshops, and experimental lectures.

Furthermore, some 148 interactive exhibitions, 198 workshops and papers were also showcased to the public.

Record number of visitors

A record number of visitors attended the 2013 edition. A total of 342 000 people joined the event, which represents a 10 % increase over the previous edition. All exhibitors from higher education and scientific institutions who took part in a survey said that the event was “good or excellent”. 96 % said they would once again participate in 2015.

Moreover, 92 % respondents said the IndeenExpo was effective in awakening young people’s interest in science and technology.

The event brought together young people interested in science and technology, while offering an opportunity for universities and scientific institutions to showcase their work to a wider audience and discuss ideas with participants.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the “IdeenExpo 2013” project is EUR 4 000 000, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 800 000 from the Operational Programme “Lower Saxony” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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