EUROJOB-Viadrina sets up employment platform for German-Polish border area

The EUROJOB-Viadrina project has created an information society platform with comprehensive details of apprenticeships, jobs and qualification recognition on either side of the German-Polish border. It is aimed at school-leavers as well as job- and training-seekers interested in education or work in their neighbouring country, and is a useful tool for employers and job market experts.

Additional tools

Presentation at a Eurojob event. © Peter Wolffling Presentation at a Eurojob event. © Peter Wolffling

" The platform is a huge support to my work. It offers information on professional perspectives in Germany and Poland that helps to find people with suitable qualifications who are looking for a job. My clients also benefit and I hope that the project will continue. "

Regina Gebhardt-Hille, EURES advisor

The database enables people and institutions to provide information on employment and training opportunities on both sides of the border. It groups related data together, making information easy to find and contributing to better integration of the two countries' workforces.

A wide-ranging cooperation network

A Vocational Training Atlas was developed for different fields: health and social care, IT and new media, tourism, metal and electrical work, craft industries, and shipping and logistics. This gives employers, job seekers, people upgrading their qualifications and job centre staff concise and up-to-date information on education, training, qualification recognition and requirements for specific professions in Germany and Poland, thus facilitating access to the respective job markets.

Thanks to the project, a Polish-German cooperation network encompassing a range of people, companies and institutions has been created to analyse demand, identify sought-after profiles and gather information on qualification recognition. In this way, EUROJOB-Viadrina develops valid profiles for both countries, creates an integrated cross-border job market and overcomes imbalances between regions and sectors.

Workshops and conferences held within the project have been attended by more than 300 people from both sides of the Oder. A total of 20 institutions provide information to the database and 12 meetings have been held between project partners.

Updates online

The EUROJOB-Viadrina website allows interested parties to find out about events related to employment in the region and in 2013 was voted the best website within the Poland - Brandenburg Operational Programme. It was recently upgraded with new features and users can now find jobs and vocational training by job profile. The project thus opens up career opportunities, enables people to take part in vocational training, internships and workshops in various industrial sectors and supports cross-border mobility in the region.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Eurojob-Viadrina” is EUR 1 014 794, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 862 575 from the Operational Programme “Poland - Germany” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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