A beacon of light: Cleolux Greenlight creates energy savings

Lighting uses up to 20 % of all electricity consumption. A change to LED lighting introduced by the Cleopa GmbH in Germany has seen a reduction in energy consumption among its clients by at least 50 %.

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Winning clients are good clients! © TBC Winning clients are good clients! © TBC

" Cleolux was the successful start for our company in the field of eco innovations. We have now 60 % more staff, 100 % more turnover and increased profitability. Even more, we are investing into new product research and are looking for more staff. The innovation funding helped us to solve problems we could not solve with our own resources! Thanks to our partners at the BMWE. "

Detlef Olschewski, CEO at Cleopa GmbH

‘Cleolux Greenlight’, a new easy-to-use and scalable management system, was first developed by Cleopa in partnership with the Ministry for Economic and European Affairs (BMWE). The product was tested in facilities with high technological requirements e.g. garages with 24/7 lighting and sports arenas. In all cases, led lighting was successfully installed and resulted in more innovative services, more jobs and new potential markets.

With Cleolux Greenlight, all services are delivered through a new business model of “Energy Performance Contracting” (EPC). The model allows LED users to make repayments over a period of time so that their repayments are lower than their predicted energy bill savings. So already from day one, users save money as well as the environment.

Radiating light

Bringing ideas to scale was one of the biggest drivers behind Cleolux Greenlight. As an example, the “EU Greenlight” was designed by Cleopa to provide standardised support. As a result one client, the Winto GmbH, won the 2013 Annual EU Greenlight Award. The project included the lighting of a 24/7 parking garage and resulted in a decrease of energy consumption by more than 65 %.

Cleopa is also providing consultancy support to SMEs and municipalities in the area of energy efficiency savings. In addition, the company has partnered with companies in the Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark. It also expects to invest more than EUR 100 000 each year into new installations; on average, every EUR 1 000 invested leads to energy savings of about 1.5 MWh.

Being sustainable, Cleopa has participated in the national Girl's Day initiative to raise awareness on light and energy savings among young people.

The countdown to achieving Europe's 20 % energy efficiency target for 2020 has already begun. Cleolux Greenlight is an example of how significant and demonstrable progress towards sustainable development can be made through collaborative R&D which addresses social, environmental, market and technological needs. The Cleolux Greenlight innovation is not limited to Brandenburg, Berlin or even Germany but can be rolled out for the benefits of citizens and companies across the entire EU.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Cleolux - Greenlight” is EUR 132 900, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 99 670 from the operational programme “Brandenburg” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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