Solar power for Metz's Olympic swimming pool

Solar panels covering 188 m2 crown the roof of the Olympic-sized swimming pool on Rue Lothaire in Metz. This use of “soft” energy is typical of the city's environmental policy, which favours alternative solutions in the renovation of municipal buildings. A very public way of setting an example.

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Solar panels on the roof of the swimming pool in Metz Solar panels on the roof of the swimming pool in Metz

" The solar panels will pay for themselves in seven years. We want to reduce our energy consumption wherever we can and encourage the use of renewable energy. The work we have done here today is also a way of forestalling energy supply problems when the world starts running out of fossil fuels. "

René Darbois, Deputy Mayor of Metz with responsibility for urban ecology

The solar system at the Rue Lothaire pool – one of the largest of its kind in Lorraine – was installed with ERDF support in 2008 and covers part of the domestic hot water needs and part of the main pool water. It cuts the building's fossil energy consumption by a considerable amount and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Ecology and economy

The solar collectors are installed at angles of 30° and 45° on a frame attached to the roof and cover an area of 188 m2. In environmental terms, they cut annual CO2 emissions by 40.5 tonnes. There is also an economic side to this virtuous circle, since the solar technology reduces gas consumption by 120 000 kWh, the equivalent of seven 125 m2 homes.

A proactive urban policy

Sustainable development of this kind is one of the city's priorities. It has carried out insulation work in public buildings such as the most power-hungry sports halls, its four swimming pools and a number of schools. Metz City Council has thus reduced its energy spending by around 11 % since 2008.

Total investment and EU funding

The project 'Installation of a solar hot water production system' has a total budget of EUR 290 000. The European Regional Development Fund’s contribution is EUR 47 531 for the 2007-2013 programming period.

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