Creating a botanical wonderland in Anjou

The Terra Botanica project has created a unique tourism attraction in the Anjou region, a park showcasing local vegetation and plant life in a fun and educational natural environment.

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Opening in April 2010, the park covers an enormous 110 000 m2 of landscapes, gardens, business centres, a cinema, restaurants and many other attractions. With forecast annual revenues of €21.13 million, this project represents a major boost for local employment and business growth.

Pure discovery awaits visitors

Terra Botanica’s array of plant life, promenades, landscapes, activities and facilities offers something quite unique in Europe. The project works included building and setting up the infrastructure and technical equipment needed to help the park operate. The park, now completed, has four main areas:  60 000 m2 of gardens and landscapes, 25 000 m2 of aquatic zones, 15 000 m2 of walkways and 10 000 m2 of glasshouses, together embracing and promoting the botanical wonders of the region.

Key features include restaurants with terraces, shops, educational areas, exhibition spaces, rooms with adjustable configurations, business areas, a private garden, catering areas, a reception centre, floral and cooking workshops, a plant school, large glasshouse, irrigation garden, multi-sensory journey, plant labyrinth, cinema and discovery tour, together catering to all tastes and needs.

Energy-efficiency paramount

Sustainability was present throughout the park’s design and construction, with emphasis placed on using non-polluting technology and optimising energy efficiency. Raising awareness among visitors as regards respecting and protecting the environment is also central to the aim of the park.

Green economic gains

Anjou is expected to gain in many ways from this project, job-wise and economically, with an added boost to local tourism and businesses given the expected 400 000 visitors each year. By combining fun and education, the park looks set to attract a large target group interested in the park’s unique attractions. Revenues generated are expected to be in the region of €21.13 million per year (excluding tax), with value added of some €10.58 million (excluding tax) contributing to the Department’s GDP.

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