New impetus for digital content services in Finland

Emerging digital content business branches out in the Oulu region of Finland as targeted funding drives new commercial projects. The Mobient project set its sights on the endless business opportunities being offered by new content distribution channels such as the internet, digital TV and mobile phones.

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Digital content rapidly advancing across Finland Digital content rapidly advancing across Finland

"Through the Mobient project, our software company which specialises in usability and the development of interactive games grew from strength to strength. We believe that the project is an effective way to boost business."
Pirjo Ritokangas-Huttunen, CEO, Belleviews Ltd

A total of 16 projects were supported to bring consumers all the latest possibilities of digital content. From car parking services (Nextpark) to sound editing (Playtone), the projects were practical at times and playful at others. Mobient brought jobs to the region and paved the way towards an increasingly bright digital future.

Relevant content for a digital age

The Mobient project set small businesses on the expansion trail, by helping them market, sell and distribute their products as well as by preparing them for international markets. It laid down more favourable conditions for those businesses hoping to enter the sector and looked into the hot topic of intellectual property rights and ownership.

Five calls for proposals were published to find ambitious businesses wishing to develop their new modes of production and distribution. From those interested, the Oulu university selected 12 and granted them co-financing of between €5 000 and €20 000 for their production costs.

The resulting projects included a weight control application (MobileCalories), a photo ordering system for camera phones (MobiOrder), an adventure game (Dragon Slayer) and a gardening game for kids (Backyard).

Turning digital content into business

Of the 16 projects funded, 14 had already made it onto the market by the end of the project. And, many are now available on the international market. Nine permanent posts and seven temporary posts were created, and 33 posts were safeguarded.

The Mobient project served to diversify the region’s economic make-up through new tools and know-how. It also promoted digital content in other sectors which led to the creation of one new company and ten new jobs.

In stark contrast to previous ways of networking which were sporadic at best, Mobient managed to forge solid ties between content and media production companies. This changed perceptions in the sector so that the other companies were seen more as potential partners rather than competitors.

A mutually beneficial operation was set up between information communication technology product developers and creative designers which often lack the expertise of the other party. This cooperation instilled a sense of trust and created further opportunities to work together.

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