Island offers more choice for studies

Life on an island can often present challenges due to geographical isolation and the infrastructure available. Bornholm Island, located to the east of Denmark in the Baltic Sea is one such example, where attracting students and teachers has often proved difficult. However, with the help of EU funding, the Bornholm Academy project has resulted in a broader range of courses, larger teaching facility and more attractive environment for studying.

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Island life now ripe for studying Island life now ripe for studying

“It couldn’t be better, very nice surroundings. I think it’s known to most people that it’s easier to learn when the circumstances are right. They have really thought about light, the atmosphere and that’s what’s making the building so perfect”.
Jørgen Wøller, studying to become a teacher (in history, sport, social studies and maths).

The expansion of the existing Pedagogical Centre has meant that people living on the island now have a greater choice of courses, thus avoiding the need to head towards the mainland. As a result of the project, some 145 additional students can benefit from the education provided.

Isolated but integrated

Quality higher education on Bornholm is seen as a determining factor in the development of the island community, ensuring that the region can fully integrate into the national and international market and knowledge economy. The region’s need for highly trained and highly qualified citizens has thus become a priority. The Student Centre Snorrebakken on the island covers some 5 000 square metres. This EU-backed project provides teaching facilities for several institutions offering different bachelor courses covering social education, social counselling and social education assistance. The centre also houses the Educational Resource Centre, providing teacher in-service training and supplying training material to all education institutions on the island. The institutions are antennas of larger educational institutions from elsewhere in Denmark, ensuring higher education on Bornholm that would otherwise not be possible there.

Attractive prospects for island education

The residents on the island are already benefiting from the academy’s expansion, in that they have a much wider choice of courses, thus not obliging them to head to the mainland. The new building and new education opportunities have also created a more attractive environment, with the result that the centre is now finding it easier to attract both students and teachers to the island. The economic benefits of the project are clearly evident, with eight new jobs already created. The rise in student numbers has also generated significant financial gains for the region, with an additional €2 million in annual turnover.

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