New roads will connect regional capital to motorway network

A motorway extension and new expressway towards Zlín will also cut congestion and through-traffic in the town of Hulín.

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The project will help boost the economy of the Zlín region and contribute to the realisation of a trans-European road network.

Improving road safety and the environment

The project aims to connect the regional capital of Zlín to the national motorway network via two new road construction projects: a four-lane motorway and a new expressway road. The infrastructure work will cut driving times, improve road safety and reduce congestion on the road network.

The two new roads include a new section of the D1 Motorway from Kroměříž East to Říkovice, and expressway route 55 from Skalka to Hulín. Route 55 connects to the D1 motorway at the Hulín flyover.

The more streamlined route will bring considerable cost savings thanks to shorter journey times, as well as helping to boost the economic growth of the Zlín region in south-eastern Moravia, home to 590 000 people. Its regional capital, the city of Zlín, is famous as the home of the Bata shoe empire, which built the town’s fortunes in the first half of the 20th century.

Safer roads for Hulín

One major benefit of the project will be to reduce traffic congestion in the town of Hulín, currently on the intersection of two main regional roads, the I/47 and I/55, and where road capacity is already stretched. Route I/55 currently slices right through the centre of Hulín, and the volume of traffic through the town presents an environmental and road safety nuisance. With the new scheme, traffic will be diverted onto the bypass expressway.

Another link in the cross-border network

The new roads form part of a priority route in the trans-European road network, connecting Gdansk in Poland to Vienna in Austria via Brno in the Czech Republic and Bratislava in Slovakia. The extension to the D1 motorway will thus also contribute to joining up the motorway connection from Scandinavia to southern Europe.

The works project will include the construction of 25 km of carriageway, four multi-level interchanges, rerouting and adapting of 6 km of other roads, 32 bridges, 7 new cart tracks and forest roads, 20 km of new sewers and a reservoir, and two new rest areas. There will be 284 new jobs created during the three years of the project.

Total and EU funding

The project “Motorway D1, Construction 0135 Kroměříž East – Říkovice and Expressway R55, Construction 5503 Skalka – Hulín” has eligible costs of EUR 464 448 750, to which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund will contribute EUR 272 162 323 during the programming period 2007-2013.

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