Wastewater facilities to be extended

More than 14 700 people will be newly connected to an extended sewerage and wastewater treatment network in Střední Morava thanks to an extensive construction project supported by the EU’s Cohesion Fund.

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The Clean River Bečva II project will extend the sewer network by 168 km and expand the capacity of two wastewater treatment plants. It will also introduce measures to prevent flooding and the overflow of untreated water. The scheme will establish contingencies that will prevent the hydraulic overloading of local wastewater treatment plants.

In addition, plans will be put in place to collect sanitary wastewater from areas where the public sewerage system does not reach. Once collected, the wastewater will be transported to municipal plants for treatment. The collection scheme will directly benefit about 3 500 inhabitants.

In all, the project will make it possible to drain, collect and treat wastewater from 85 % of the region’s population.

Three-phase working

The project will be implemented in three different sections:

  • Part A covers the agglomeration of Vsetín, where 69 km of new sewerage canal will be laid and connected to local residents.
  • Part B covers the agglomerations of Lidečko, Velké Karlovice, and Hovězí. As well as laying 69.8 km of new sewer canal and connecting residents, work here will include steps to increase the capacity of the wastewater treatment plants at Lidečko and Velké Karlovice.
  • Part C will extend the sewer system by 29 km and connect local residents in the agglomerations of Valašské Meziříčí and Zubří-Rožnov.

The new infrastructure will be operated by SOMV (Sdružení obcí Mikroregionu Vsetínsko), which is wholly owned by the 43 municipalities of the Vsetínsko region. The scheme will create 350 jobs during the implementation phase and is a direct follow-on from the completed Clean River Bečva I project.

Total and EU funding

The project “Clean River Bečva II” has a total eligible budget of EUR 63 266 711, with the EU’s Cohesion fund contributing EUR 46 624 403 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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