Upgrade of water facilities near major reservoirs

A major project to upgrade the management and distribution of water is underway around an area north of the three reservoirs at Nové Mlýny, in south-east Czech Republic. When completed, it will benefit some 15 700 people in the municipalities of Ivančice and Oslavany. 

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The work will be spread over two and a half years. Its main aim is to enhance the local environment by reducing pollution in the groundwater and surface water.

New sewers and water pipes

The project is taking place in the Jihovýchod region, just a few kilometres north of the Czech Republic’s border with Austria. It is concentrated in the area around the Jihlava and Svvratka rivers above the Nové Mlýny reservoirs – which were built in the 1980s for local flood protection and now are also key sites for recreation and nature protection.

The focus is on improving the water infrastructure in two municipalities – Ivancice and Oslavany. Currently, around 85% of their population are connected to the sewer system.

One objective is to develop new sanitary sewers in Ivancice and Oslavany, extending the system to several thousand new residents. Furthermore, contractors will modernise parts of the combined sewer system in these municipalities. Water pipelines will also be rehabilitated, to ensure quality drinking water distribution there.

The existing waste water treatment plant in Ivancice will be modernised and extended, to offer a population equivalent capacity of more than 19 300. In Oslavany, the current waste water treatment plant will be demolished and converted to a pumping station with a storm water tank. The resulting wastewater will be conveyed to the plant in Ivancice.

Vast infrastructure

Some 15 700 inhabitants will be affected by the project in these two municipalities, with around 2 050 newly connected to the modern sewerage system. The scale of construction is impressive, with in total some 17 570 m of new sewers and the rehabilitation of 8 850 m of existing sewers. There are also plans to lay some 10 990 m of water pipes. As a result of all this work, an estimated 260 jobs will be directly created during the implementation phase.

The project will foster environmental sustainability through the reduction of pollution in the local area’s groundwater and surface water. This will especially benefit the reception basin of the Nové Mlýny waterworks and will help to improve the surrounding water ecosystems.

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